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2007. The german capital is in an effervescent state and its electronic music scene is more creative than ever. It is in that environment that Upon.You is born, under the impetus of Marco Resmann (aka Phage), Hawks Grunert and Marcus Meinhardt. Focus on the berliner label and some of its members.

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The Label

The first release of the label, entitled “Vut & Vat”, is signed by Marco Resmann himself under the patronym Phage. This is not the 3 artists’ first attempt, and the label quickly grows. While Macro Resmann is also part of the infamous Luna City Express, and formerly of Pan Pot, Hawks Grunert has been the manager of Timing Records. Marcus Meinhardt is also considered as one of the figureheads of Berlin’s TechHouse scene. He has since then Upon.You to focus on his own label Heinz Music. After barely 2 years, the label which was simply supposed to be a platform for a group of friends has actually evolved more than expected with signing international artists and receiving support from producers such as Steve Bug. Upon.You also established a residency in 2 of the most renowned clubs of the city, Watergate and Panorama Bar.


The blooming of the label also goes through the creation of the subdivision Upon.You Digital, which allows the label to welcom and sign new producers, as well as a booking agency. In 2010, the label is firmly settled in Berlin’s musical landscape. It is that year that the compilation « Upon.You Diary », a sort of retro-futurspective of the label top producers, is launched. Logically, Marco Resmann compiles this first tome, then successively Marcus Meinhardt, The Cheapers and Gunnar Stiller.

uyx 003By signing artists such as Kink, Ian Pooley or Steve Lawler, the label receives growing recognition from all around the world which allows it, in 2014, to launch another subdivision called UYX which focuses on more raw TechHouse and techno. As of today, 3 EP’s have been released on white label.

We are now well into 2015 and the label’s future looks bright. Magit Cacoon’s « Other Dimension », 6th album of the label, was released earlier in May, a label night in Panorama Bar is scheduled in June and we can expect much from the 100th physical release of the label, planned before the end of the year. Beyond any musical consideration, this label represents Berlin’s own know how, where each member of the label is, before anything, a friend attached to it. Next to Highgrade, Moon Harbour, Poker Flat or Watergate Records, Upon.You is part of the big family that Berlin’s TechHouse scene is, a scene where everybody works with everybody and to which Berlin owes part of its today’s recognition.

The Artists

Marco Resmann

Marco Resmann is an artist with several hats. His career starts in the 90s, in the post-cold war Berlin and its flourishing scene. There he hosts parties and sets up his studio, Audiogain. His work pays and he signs a first EP on the label of Martin Landsky, « Intim Recordings », as Phage. Phage is the first musical project of Marco, under which he collaborates with Daniel Drerier and releases several EPs, some on Highgrade and Sender. It’s during this time that he creates Pan Pot with Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix, a project he then left behind to focus on his solo career.

But the man doesn’t stop there. After meeting Norman Weber in the early 00s, they release their first ep « Fresh » in 2005 on Moon Harbour, under the alias Luna City Express. This collab proves successful and, in 2009, they come up with the album « Hello from Planet Earth ». Today, after 10 years of existence, we discover « 10 Years – Remixed », a double EP with a dozen of remixes of Luna City Express productions.

Marco Resmann’s solo career is just as important. In 2006, he becomes a Watergate resident and he has played since then with producers like Sven Väth, Omar S or Nicole Moudaber. His discography is impressing with releases on Mobilee, Bar25, Highgrade, Sender and many others, the whole under varying aliases and projects. We also just learned that it is Marco himself who will be in charge of the hundredth release of the label, expected before the end of 2015.

Ruede Hagelstein

Ruede is a child of Berlin. He grows up in Brandenburg, a mainly rural region near Berlin. He moves then to the city after his civic service and looks for a job in a music magazine. That’s how he starts writing for Flyer Magazine. After that, he creates a forum named Rerealitaet about the night life in Berlin.

Whilst his childhood has been rocked by the music of his parents, Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, first Ruede is not really gifted for music. But once he got his first computer, he releases a first EP on Freizeitglauben. At this time, his style is described as Electro-Disco, and he even releases several tracks on Kitsuné and Output Records. His selection then switches to more minimal and house orientations.

In addition to being a producer solo, he creates The Cheapers with his long-time friend Fraenzen Texas, with whom he shares a studio at the Watergate. The project becomes increasingly serious over the years and they end up releasing several EPs on Upon.You, Katermukke and Bar25, all characterized by a smooth and groovy tone.


Recently, Ruede Hagelstein came up with his new album Apophenia on the club’s label. A very minimal, melodious and organic album. It is precisely on this occasion that Mixmag Germany dedicated its front cover to him.

You can follow Upon.You on Facebook, Soundcloud as well as their website.


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