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Rummelsburg, eastern suburbs of Berlin. After 15 minutes walking stands, in front of us, a huge door on which two geese are drawn. This is the symbol of Sisyphos, where clubers love to spend their weekends, from Friday til Monday morning. The Sunday mass for the numerous dj’s that play there, but also label under the name Sisyphon, this club has caught our attention.

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At the entrance, no restrictive policy. It’s just advisable to come early, or late, regarding the growing attention this club gets. At first, it was open one in every two weekend, and closed during winter. It’s now on a weekly basis that it opens its doors to Berliners and tourists that rub shoulders there. An image could sum up this club where it’s written on the door that animals are not allowed, yet one can see dogs wandering in. It’s also prohibited to have a swim in the lake but this doesn’t prevent some adventurers to go freshen up on the early morning. Finally, the line ups are only revealed within a few hours prior to the party. Anyway, you know you won’t be disappointed when you know the club. It is this freedom, the wish to party without constraints, and the ability to defy interdictions, for the time of a night, that characterize best this club.

flagWorthy inheritor of the Bar 25, and inspired by the Club der Visionaere, Sisyphos shows that the future of Berlin can be found in the suburbs… to the East. First, a wooden hut named the Strand (the beach, in german) stands in front of us at the entrance, and under which shade you can listen to deeper house. The sun disappears and comes back, rocked by the music. The place is immense, sandy, aired and totally crazy.

Another dancefloor is located in a bigger hut, the Wintergarten, and stands on the way to the building that makes the ultimate charm of this place. Finally, in an old warehouse, completely dark, techno kicks, hypnotic and bewitching. Drowned under smoke, the room is surrounded by various corridors and is a spot of perdition where you can barely see who stands next to you. Time is just an option, and this pretty much sums up the atmosphere there at Sisyphos.


One other room is open less often, more tech house oriented. You might have understood it, there’s always a good reason to stay 15 more minutes and the walk to the station can be discouraging.

A bit tired after a few hours dancing? Numerous couches are on display outside, they turn out useful early in the morning or late at night to rest, have a talk or even sleep quietly. No one will come and wake you up or steal your Berliner Pilsner. Busses and trucks sit in the yard, a dancefloor for the most courageous and a place of rest for others. It’s an adult recreational park where you share, dance and have fun without any notion of time and where rules are not fixed.

Sisyphos also takes care of its clubbers. To retrieve energy, pizzas and various foods are on sale, cigarettes too, some of which can pay for the garde robe. That’s the Berliner spirit. And don’t forget the Club Mate and a few local beers. Also, the club can surprise you with some fire blowers, enlightening the crowd. The striking picture is that one feels like at a festival rather than club, even though it’s open every week end!


We don’t know much about the Sisyphos’ DJ’s. They rarely release music on labels other than Sisyphon, mostly play in Berlin and Germany. Music doesn’t seem to be their only occupation. Actually, most of the residents don’t produce a lot of music. In contrary, as soon as they take on the decks, it’s to play marathon sets. We recently realized a chronicle on Pauli Pocket, and here is a little overview of the other artists of this club.

licht & foolikPhoto: Dennis Drobny (Licht & Foolik)


Born in 1988, he is dedicated to Sisyphos since he became a resident in 2012. Since the end of he’s studies in 2007, he partied a lot and became more and more involved in the club scene. In 2009, he started organizing parties at VCF Club, and became a resident there in 2010. The club has since then closed. Then, together with Luis Hill (with who he formed the duo Licht & Huegel), he created Formtanz and continued organizing parties at Hoppetosse, K-Pax and VCF. He then starts playing at Sisyphos and become a key member of the club, as you can see on his Facebook page. Leon’s sets rarely last less than 3 hours and are full of groove and rhythm. He says his music is flexible and it’s true that true his different sets you can feel it, alternating between vitaminated deep house and solid tech house.


Foolik lands on the musical scene in 2009. Now a resident of Sisyphos, he quickly established as one of the busiest and most demanded in the Berliner clubs, but also in Germany and abroad. Knowing how to adapt to the crowd and surprise it, he alternates between persistent tech house and designed to punch any dancefloor. For his part, he discovered Sisyphos as a simple raver, and according to him, the place “filled him with energy”, probably on a long Sunday. This young Berliner is used to the club. He plays there for the first time one year later during a 4 hour set with Leon Licht and has since then not left the club. He jumps from one club to another such as KaterHolzig and Rummelsbucht, continuing to ensure his residency at Sisyphos.


1235208_739998812702946_9090508033242809002_nMathias Proppé alias Empro, Berliner of birth, is implicated in the local scene since 2003 when he started playing at the Underground Berlin club. His interest in dynamic and euphoric minimal dates back to earlier, in the mid 90’s, when he started realizing the multiplicity of electronic music. In 2004, he starts a booking agency with, among others, Ruede Hagelstein and which is called Mind The Crap. Then, respectively with Marcus Meinhardt and Coco Berlin, he starts the parties Home Sweet Home and Betriebsfeier, now considered as some of the oldest in town. Yet Empro doesn’t stop here. He is also implicated in various festivals such as Sonne Mond Sterne, Fusion or Melt! Festival where he is in charge of the Sleepless Floor programming. Furthermore, he has signed some releases on Upon.You, Bar25 or Aromamusic. Finally, he launched the Free Agency with which he deals with events planning and realization, from music to gastronomy. His agency also provides workshops to artists as well as a studio. Empro defines his sound as trippy and special, in a nice way. His sets are a mixture of uplifting tech house and more powerful, minimal sounds that make the crowd euphoric for hours at Sisyphos.

Photo: Dennis Drobny (Empro)



sisy^honSisyphos is also a label and booking agency, know under the name of Sisyphon, in the perfect continuity of the spirit of the club. A platform for its resident DJ’s, characterized by their impulsive, long and energetic sets. A group of friends who play one club after another through Berlin and Germany, alone or in back to back. Sisyphon is the booking agency for the eight residents of the club, Leon Licht, Foolik, Empro, Yetti Meiβner, Juli N. More, Fidelity Kastrow, Atlantik and Jonty Skruff, but also a label, created in March 2013 and counting three releases.

The first EP was produced by the duo Atlantik, based in Cologne who are the only non-Berliner artists of the label. They were remarked by the Sisyphos crew at the Fusion festival in 2012 and has since then regularly played at the club. The duo exclusively plays live sets and is defined by a progressive and melodic sound, as one can hear on their EP Heist. 2 releases followed up and were signed by Jonty Skruff (Stiletto) and Jan Hertz & Rocko Garoni (Neptun). There you can hear the typical tech house sound of the club.

If you want any further information, you can chek the Facebook page of Sisyphos, soundcloud and Sisyphon website


.Camille und Rémi.

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