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Italy has undeniably become one of the biggest and the most creative techno scene in Europe. With the rise of various scenes like Napoli or Bologna, the Mix’It crew wanted to know more about their unique style : deep & dark.

Translated into « doing what we feel to do », BEAT MOVEMENT is composed of two young ambitious Italian DJs, Simone Scardino & Mattia Prete, who wish to share the refined sonorities that compose techno music. Friends for over 10 years, the duo was officially born in October 2010 in their hometown Lecce. Currently based in the Italian capital of Rome, BEAT MOVEMENT is now part of the British BlackWater Label since early 2015 which perfectly portrays the universe of this promising duo : Acid, Brutal, Medieval and Devilish.


For you my friends, Mattia and Simone.

Mixit : Hey BEAT MOVEMENT! Could you introduce yourself a little bit for our readers who don’t know you, yet?

Hello everyone, thanks for inviting us.
We are just two simple boys from Lecce (south of Italy) aged twenty-two, both with a so strong passion for music and clubbing that we have decided to create a project focused on the aim of succeeding in sharing the sonorities of a music considered not very refined hand for a few only.

Mixit : What was your first music experience ? How did you fell into the electronic music world, more especially techno ?

Most of our musical influences have been transmitted to us since our youth from our friends and relatives ; our musical origins come above all from rock music and hip hop, always having a preference for the old school.

There has always been the approach to techno music. Although we had a few opportunities to express ourselves, the lack of musical culture of that genre in our hometown made us change our path.

As a result, we decided to move to Rome. It helped us to refine our tastes, influencing us positively. It is now our home base.

Mixit : How did you guys met ? Did you knew each other before ?


We have been friends for over ten years. Our passion for music and our common objectives have enabled us to continue our way together and to never give up, despite all the difficulties of everyday’s life.

The creation of the duo was born out of necessity after a party in which we were playing together: we were only able to play for about 30 minutes that night and it was definitely not enough to express our idea of music. Nevertheless, the positive criticism acquired in that evening gave us the idea to build a project and a music career together.

Mixit : What is the meaning of Beat Movement for you ?

It means « doing what we feel to do », to follow the beat, taking inspiration from the influences gained.

After the night of our first back-to-back, we started to organize various parties in small clubs with guys who, like us, had the passion and the desire to express techno music. However, we needed a name that would give the idea the genre we proposed was different from the music played around. Beat Movement was born exactly on October 2, 2010.

Unfortunately, a few years later, many of us decided to pursue different paths. In the end, there remained only two of us.

Mixit : Were you guys producing on your own before forming this duo ?

The production was a next step in the growth of the duo. We felt the need to grow not only in mixing performance but also in music production. We have never produced anything with different name than the current one.

Mixit : You are part of the BlackWater Label based in London, alongside with artists such as Fabrizio Lapiana or Hironori Takahashi ? Tell us more about BlackWater.


Blackwater was an opportunity that’s been given to us in the first months of 2015. It all started with a simple meeting and we later became friends with the owner and its team. It allowed us to be part of the label and to coordinate some activities. Nowadays, we run the A&R and make sure the artists from the label thrive properly, and that their releases benefit from a good response artistically and with the media.

Fabrizio Lapiana’s release was very interesting, but we don’t have to underestimate his work. Each of his releases have always been greatly received.

The year 2015 will be closed by Hironori Takahashi’s release; we are proud to have remixed together with the owner Devianza. It will be released on vinyl in late December…and we are looking forward to it!

We are also pleased the people who have started to work with us are getting great reviews and excellent opportunities such as our graphic designer « Gino Ven ». Indeed, his artwork created for the label was so great that he just became this year the official graphic designer of one of the biggest festivals in Italy: « Amore Festival ».

Mixit : I’ve really appreciated your track Prospettiva Piatta. The video clip is especially interesting, as it features techno with some Acid tones, along with black and white medieval, ancient, religious and demoniac pictures. I guess that was the purpose of this : making the listener trippy and feel the music deep inside. How came this idea ?  

“Prospettiva/Piatta » has been a revelation, we did not expect to get all these positive results. The feedbacks were excellent, which made us confident on our future releases.

The idea was to create a dub track mainly with acid and melancholic shades. It does not make the groove boring, on the contrary, for the dancefloor it is a real pleasure the video intertwines well with the track because it portrays the style of the label: Acid, Medieval, Religious and Devilish.

Mixit : What were you inspirations ? Which artists do you currently really appreciate ?

We are inspired by every type of music in general. Indeed, we listen to a lot of genres from Rock to Jazz, from Dub to Techno; and of course affecting us and grasping inspiration from DJs and producers we consider to be valid in the modern techno scene.

Some local artists such as Luciano Lamanna, Lory D., Donato Dozzy, Conrad Van Orton, Micol Danieli, VSK are very important for us; In our honest opinion, they have an incredible potential and are among the most respected and talented artists from the techno scene in Italy.

Last but not least, there are artists we truly respect for their qualities and productions: Mutecell, TKode & Lunatik, Abyssal Chaos, Clouds, Zadig, Polar Inertia, Reka.

Mixit : What has been your best mixing experience so far ? Do you like to play in an intimate and small location, or a huge place such as a warehouse ?

Each date in which we participate is to be remembered. But the ones that will always remain in our minds were our sets at « After Life » in Perugia, and « Rampa Prenestina » in Rome. These locations were extremely underground and the sound system was incredible. Of course we like to play in large rooms with much people, but the idea of playing in a more intimate club has always been fascinating. It makes us feel closer to the public as we can draw any vibration and positive energy : we can completely control the public attention and mind-set.

Mixit : How do you consider techno music ?

As we’ve said before, we have done nothing but bring out the best of ourselves thanks to techno. I think it is difficult to define that it is only a cycle, because techno is the very essence of life for us. The enthusiasm we have now is due to the fact that people are starting to open to a genre unquestionably fascinating and visioning. We all should all go dance to techno !

Mixit : What projects are you currently working on ? Do you plan to release an EP soon ?

Yes, we do. Our second vinyl will be released soon on Luciano Lamanna’s label with Arnaud Le Texier’s remix and the one we have prepared in cooperation with Devianza for Hironori Takaashi. That will be released on Blackwater Label in December. Besides that, many other projects will be revealed within the next months and we are looking forward to introducing it to all our friends and followers.

Mixit : Where will you play next ? Are you planning to come to France ?

We are now planning the Blackwater showcases in Italy and Europe. Our upcoming gigs are the following :

– 3rd December at Teatro Lo Spazio w/ Conrad Van Orton (CRS-Tangram), Outpost Live, Rome.
– 18th at One Club, Aversa.
– 19th December – Blackwater Showcase at Rashomon Club.
– 2nd January TBA.

Regarding Paris, we’ve played there for the first time in 2011 and the desire to return there has always remained the same. We hope to have the opportunity to do so in the nearest future.

Thank you very much.

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