Dasein – Errances

26 mai 1968 | Categories: Non classé | Posted by: Kukubengu

Part of the Exploration Music crew, the Dasein trio offers us a true masterpiece called Errances (Wandering). Dealing with a trip in an urban area, they transform the image to invite the spectator to rethink the space around them.

-French Version-

Created in 2013, Dasein managed to express its will to explore both auditive and visual universes while considering them equally. While creating visuals for clubs or producing themselves during audio-visual lives, the 3 artists have a particular way to transform the image in order to make it a mix of shadow and melancholia.

After having met them during Exploration Music events, we naturaly became interested in this trio and asked them to produce an audio-visual work to celebrate the creation of our new vidéologies section. They thus offer us this work that they describe as following : « Errances shows us the the city as a space of loneliness and disappearance. It is a mental space that we can travel forever, a huge space full of memories« .




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