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As a versatile artist, Niko Marks managed to create his own musical universe between house and jazz but deeply soulful. He managed to collaborate with great names of Detroit, where he lives, especially in the crew Members Of The House with artits like Mike Banks or Jeff Mills. This very talented musician keeps on producing himself in live during various events like the Movement festival.

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From Padova, a little town in Italy, Lucretio & Marieu a.k.a the Analogue Cops live from now on in Berlin. Strong defenders of the analog sound and the Vinyl Only, they are at the head of the label Restoration Records, resolutely Techno, which has become a symbol of resistance in the digital sound in …

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Rummelsburg, eastern suburbs of Berlin. After 15 minutes walking stands, in front of us, a huge door on which two geese are drawn. This is the symbol of Sisyphos, where clubers love to spend their weekends, from Friday til Monday morning. The Sunday mass for the numerous dj’s that play there, but also label under the name Sisyphon, this club has caught our attention.

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Avec son petit corps trapu, ses membres courts et ses grandes oreilles rondes, le koala évoque un ours en peluche, mais il ressemble surtout au wombat, son plus proche cousin non-éteint qui vit également en Australie mais qu’on retrouve non pas dans les forêts Australiennes mais en montagne. La fourrure du koala est cependant plus épaisse, ses oreilles bien plus grandes et ses membres plus longs.

Une nouvelle espèce proche du koala s’est développée en Ecosse, près de Glasgow, depuis quelques années : le Bleaching Agent ! 

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